Tips for Creating a Functional and Stylish Dining Room | Furniture Stores in Charleston, South Carolina

Tips for Creating a Functional and Stylish Dining Room | Furniture Stores in Charleston, South Carolina

Creating the perfect dining room that combines style and functionality can seem like a challenge worthy of a design show, but it can be achieved with the right tips and tricks.

From choosing the right dining room furniture to setting the table for a dinner party, experts from our Furniture Stores in Charleston, South Carolina, share helpful tips to create a space you and your guests will love.

Choosing the Right Furniture | Furniture Stores in Charleston, South Carolina 

Consider some key elements when selecting furniture for your dining room. First and foremost, consider your space's size and how many people you typically entertain. It will help determine the size and layout of your dining table. If you have a smaller space, consider a round or square table that can fit more comfortably in the room. For larger spaces, a rectangular or oval table may be more suitable.

In terms of style, consider the overall aesthetic of your home when choosing dining room furniture. Whether you prefer traditional, modern, or eclectic designs, creating a cohesive look throughout your home is essential. This also applies to the material and finish of your furniture. For example, if you have a lot of wood accents in your space, choose a dining table with a similar wood tone. You can find various dining table designs at a large furniture store in Charleston, South Carolina.s

Layout and Functionality

Once you have chosen the right furniture for your dining room, it's time to think about the layout. A good dining room layout should allow for easy movement and conversation between guests while considering traffic flow in and out of the room. It's essential to ensure enough space around the table to pull the chairs out comfortably.

In terms of functionality, consider adding a buffet or sideboard to your dining room. This can provide extra storage for dishes, linens, and even barware. It can also be a great spot to display decorative items or serve food during a party.

Table Setting with Style

A beautifully set table can elevate the dining experience, whether a casual dinner or a formal event. When setting your table, start with a quality tablecloth or runner to add texture and color to your space. Then, consider the placement of your plates, utensils, and glasses. A general rule of thumb is to work from the outside - place larger utensils and glasses towards the outside, with smaller ones closer to the plate. This allows for a more organized and visually appealing table.

 Add elements such as placemats, napkins, and centerpieces to add personality and interest. These can be changed seasonally or for special occasions to keep your dining room fresh and inviting. Don't be afraid to mix and match different colors, patterns, and textures for a unique and personalized table setting.


Lighting can significantly impact any room, especially in a dining room where ambiance is critical. Consider installing a dimmer switch to control and adjust the lighting depending on the occasion - brighter for a formal dinner, dimmer for a more intimate setting.

In addition to overhead lighting, consider adding table lamps or sconces to create a layered and cozy atmosphere. These can be used as task lighting while eating and as decorative pieces when not in use.

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