Is Your Home Office Lacking the Right Furniture? | Charleston Furniture

Is Your Home Office Lacking the Right Furniture? | Charleston Furniture

Key Takeaways:

  • Don't commit yourself to working long hours from home using furniture barely cut for comfort. Browse quality Charleston furniture to breathe new life into your home workspace.
  • The right furniture can positively impact your work productivity & boost your health, psychologically & physically.
  • Essential home office furniture comprises a table & chair, a bespoke bookshelf, add a relaxing couch or recliner, complemented with an accented ottoman. 
  • If your space is intended for natural light & potted plants, you can add a chairside table as a suitable plant perch. 
  • Atlantic Bedding & Furniture offers a room planner tool & affordable financing to help you revamp your dream home office space. Browse our store & get in touch today!

The best thing about a home office is that you can reduce commuting, enjoy flexible work hours, and improve your work-life balance. The bad thing is that too few are committed to dedicating a spot for their work at home. Many people often work at odd places & positions over ill-suited furniture at their homes, sacrificing their physical well-being. 

Atlantic Bedding & Furniture, a top-tier Charleston furniture store, has a solution to that. Get rid of that mismatched & uncomfortable working perch, get planning, and explore our inventory. You’ll feel much accomplished after this me-treat that you have held off for too long!

Need Reasons to Refresh Your Home Office? | Charleston Furniture

Let's look at it this way. With a home workspace, you don't have to bother with the 9-to-5 grind or the traffic. No 'Oh, I overslept!' or 'Late again!' exist. And there certainly isn't the pressure of looking your best as you carry about your duties at the workplace. But - and it is a BIG but - you can't keep working from your living room couch or ruin your posture on kitchen countertops. 

You need a dedicated spot to embrace your comfort & maximize productivity fully. And since it's your home, you can personalize your space from the standard office cubicle to a better & brighter workstation. That begins with getting the right Charleston furniture and planning how to set up your space.

You can use the room planner tool to help you maximize the placement potential for your new workspace - at home!

Some Quick Pros of Buying Home Office Furniture

  1. Increased productivity: Dedicated workspace furniture can help you stay focused and avoid distractions, leading to increased productivity and better work performance.
  2. Improved comfort: A comfortable chair, desk, and other office equipment can help reduce physical strain and fatigue, allowing you to work for more extended periods without discomfort.
  3. Flexibility: WFH provides the flexibility to work on your schedule and create a work environment that suits your preferences and needs. But having a dedicated workspace with the right Charleston furniture can make working even more rewarding.
  4. Work-life balance: Working from home can help create a better work-life balance, as you can spend more time with your family and have greater control over your schedule. It can also make your online meetings more impactful, as you can customize your background with bookshelves boasting your acumen! 
  5. Health benefits: Office furniture might be ergonomic (well, not always), but it is no match for the discomfort a favorite home couch might give you in the long run. Provided you are spending up to 6 to 8 hours working, you might have to abandon a couch and get our quality-crafted furniture to sustain your posture & well-being.

Making a Shopping List for Your Home Office Furniture

1. Get a Statement Desk | Charleston Furniture

The right desk can really set the tone for how you pace your job. You're less likely to lose focus or feel cramped if you have a spacious and stylish desk. So, invest in a statement piece that brings sophistication & balance to your workplace. When creating the perfect workstation, look for wood, metal, or glass materials - although we would advise solid wood.

Or better yet, why not go for the Jofran Craftsman Power Desk to be the centerpiece of your productive zone?

2. Invest In a Comfortable Chair

The swivel chair has a certain aesthetic appeal in most offices today. Still, they do not have what a straight office chair offers - accommodating long hours of sitting. Suppose you have a taxing job, even from home. In that case, you need to get a solid chair with firm seating that goes along with the Jofran Craftsman Power Desk, and we have just the thing at our Charleston furniture store.

3. You Need Plants Around

While house plants are a sharp punctuation in a blog about home office furniture, they sure do help brighten up a space. They also give you a reason to opt for a bright home office inundated with loads of fresh air & natural light. In fact, you can place your plants on our stunning Jofran Craftsman Power Chairside Table. We have it in antique black to match it with your home office and give your plants a chance to have a statement perch of their own!

4. Break In a Bookshelf

Do you know what pays an impressionable dollar when you are working from home? The background in your home office. It's the thing that sets your power tone over video-conferencing, interviews & online meetings. And a bookshelf gives you free rein to store, show, & optimize all your special projects, volumes, books, and whatnot!

Never forget a bespoke bookshelf when you shop at our Charleston furniture store!

5. Get a Thinking Couch or a Recliner | Charleston Furniture

Well, you won't spend your whole day perched on your Jofran home office set, tapping away on that screen. Get up, stretch a bit, and get on your favorite couch. Oh, wait.... you need one for a siesta!

If your workplace is set up as a den, then you really need to get yourself a comfortable chair that helps get your thinking cap back on after a block. If you have limited space, we have corner chairs too! And if you like the kind of seat that you can sink into, then a power recliner is the best thing to add to your space. 

6. And An Ottoman!

Let's not forget your legs! After a hard day of work, you surely need to stretch out your legs and rest them on a reliable & aesthetic support that completes your home office. You might think you’re pushing the boundaries here, but folks love a comfy footrest with a favorite chair right next to their workstations. 

You can match the ottoman to your home office theme or pick out a contradictory color to add a rich accent to your space.

Et, voila! Your shopping list has begun to look almost complete!

Worried About the Budget? We Finance!

Atlantic Bedding & Furniture, serving Charleston, SC, delivers quality crafted furniture from reputed brands nationwide. And we also provide easy financing to make your dream home office a reality in no time! 

Doubt our variety? Come check us out & contact us for more details on our inventory. You're sure to love your workspace once you've got us backing you up with the best Charleston furniture near you!

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