Furniture For The Modern Adult's Bedroom | North Charleston Furniture Store

Furniture For The Modern Adult's Bedroom | North Charleston Furniture Store

Key Takeaways:

  • Buying bedroom furniture from a North Charleston furniture store is best for moving in. One should always start with a mattress & bed and then progress to adding more furniture to the space. 
  • For good budgetary reasons, it's optimal to furnish the bedroom in stages. That way, you can fully delegate the storage, aesthetics & functionality of each piece of furniture without breaking the bank.
  • There are the absolute essentials like the bed, nightstand & dresser, followed by the accent furniture like the chaise, bench, & tables, complemented by additional chests, trunk benches, and a stunning vanity.
  • Atlantic Bedding & Furniture offers durable, beautiful & bespoke bedroom sets at affordable financing if you have a bedroom to furnish. Browse our shop & contact us today!

At Atlantic Bedding & Furniture, a reputed North Charleston furniture store, we cut no corners in sourcing from some top-tier US brands. And we understand the need for bespoke, sophisticated, affordable & luxurious bedroom items in even the smallest spaces. Hence, we abound in versatility & variety!

The Benefits of Quality Bedroom Furniture | North Charleston Furniture Store

A bedroom is one of the most used rooms of any home and simultaneously functions as an intimate haven. It starts with a mattress to sleep on. Soon enough, you require more furnishings to sit, rest your feet, work, store bedding & clothing, and organize your intimates. Eventually, you will need storage for personal effects & vanity - and it's not excessive at all!

Cheap, off-brand storage solutions, thrift-store chairs, & pallet bedframes with a bit of expensive bedding won't cut it in the long term - even if it looks 'avant-garde' amazing. In fact, you will spend more on replacements & duct tape than you might spend at our quality bedding & North Charleston furniture store.

 That's how critical bedroom decor is. It sets the mood of your personal space, adds satisfaction to restful sleep, and - it's all yours to make functional, valuable, & beautiful.

3 Stages of Must-Haves in Your New Bedroom!

For the most part, the budget is a major determining (sometimes detrimental!) factor when purchasing bedroom furniture. At our North Charleston furniture store, we make that easier by providing affordable financing and a range of bedroom items that match or complement one another like peas in a pod!

That's one worry down. The next is knowing how to get the right furniture in the right space - the room planner handles that too. The trickiest bit is what to add to your bedroom, and do you buy in chunks or go all in? 

We suggest taking the 3-Stage approach. You start by buying the absolute minimum & then progress to more defining stages. Here's our list to help you out!

The Absolutes | North Charleston Furniture Store

These are the bedroom items that form the heart of the space. 

A Suitable Mattress | North Charleston Furniture Store

Numerous sub-varieties exist under memory foam, latex, hybrid & pillow-top innerspring. But if you're prone to back or joint pain, you should physically test out the mattress before buying. Not every mattress is manufactured equally, and 'firm' or 'soft' are no determiners of what your spine can bear. So, this item will have to come home only after you have tested its comfort at our store.

A Sturdy Bedframe

The bedframe takes quite a pounding, especially if you have young children or pets jumping about. If you're living alone - well - still no reason to buy a flimsy bedframe or leave the mattress on the floor.

The quality & construction of a bedframe works in unison with the mattress to deliver restful sleep & correct pressure points to rest your joints. So, be sure to invest in a good one from a North Charleston furniture store

If budget is the issue, you can always check our full-bed series!

A Bespoke Nightstand 

Bedside storage is a necessity, and a nightstand does exactly that. Not only does it help store your medications, memorabilia, or reading materials, but it's a lovely platform for a table clock, cellphone & chargers, a photo frame, a glass of water, etc. 

You can't skip this one because it completes your bed, just as the bed completes you!

A Spacious Dresser

An aptly chosen dresser can act as a vanity, a sideboard, and an ample storage space for your clothes & undergarments. You can file away essential papers or keep utility records in one of the drawers. You can even perch your TV unit over it if you feel like doing so. It is an absolute, as you will discover in our inventory!

The Accents

Like Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, you can add these kinds of bedroom furniture once your absolutes are covered. They offer aesthetic, functional, & decorative value to any bedroom. Think of them as the stuff you need to relax, except they will make your room look super sophisticated!

The Nook Chaise

A bedroom chaise, a single-seater sofa, or even a loveseat (if the space allows it) can elevate a bedroom by imparting an extra habitable impression. If confined to a corner, the chaise can become the picture-perfect reading nook!

The Bedroom Bench  | North Charleston Furniture Store

Who wants to sit on a perfectly made bed & rumple the sheets when you can sit on a bedroom bench instead? The bench offers extra seating when placed at the foot of the bed, and it makes your room look even more visually appealing.

Chairside Tables

You can get a coffee table to complement the chaise. Still, a chairside table offers further storage & functionality to your reading nook. 

The Options

These additions will be helpful if you need other storage solutions as a family or you're newlyweds moving in. Or you can add them to enhance the ambiance in a spacious bedroom further.

A Robust Vanity

It's an excellent & elegant addition that helps you overcome the clutter of organizing your favorite cosmetic products & everyday accessories as you prepare for the day. It offers a designated space to do your hair, apply makeup, and store other personal items. 

A Trunk Seat

You can store fresh bedsheets & other home textiles in a trunk seat at the edge of your bed. It also offers additional seating & depth of decor character to a well-furnished bedroom.

The Bedroom Chest | North Charleston Furniture Store

If the dresser & vanity are insufficient to organize your clothes, documents, & other personal family items, you should try a chest of drawers. They offer many compartmentalization options and look amazing near a window or vanity. In fact, you can skip the vanity & dresser and stick with a vanity chest too!

Does It Feel Excessive? We'll Make It Progressive!

These choices & varieties might seem ostentatious at first. Still, take your bedroom furniture-buying spree in stages, with financing considered. You will soon have a stunning new bedroom to enhance your comfort.

Atlantic Bedding & Furniture, the premium North Charleston furniture store, has unique bedroom sets that can light up the dullest of apartments, condos, & single- to multi-unit family bedrooms. Browse our vast range of bedroom items and contact us today!