Essentials For The Perfect Family Living Room | North Charleston Furniture Store

Essentials For The Perfect Family Living Room | North Charleston Furniture Store

Key Takeaways:

  • The sofa, or group eating, is the crux of living room furniture. Everything else, in terms of accented furniture & furnishings, comes later.
  • Always go for a North Charleston furniture store that offers traditional & modular sofa styles to suit spaces of all sorts.
  • Add dedicated accent tables, chaises, and media consoles that match or complement the group seating set. 
  • Be sure to use the room planner to visualize where what will go and how much foot traffic can be easily accommodated, in addition to seating space.
  • Atlantic Bedding & Furniture offers dedicated & bespoke seating solutions & living room accents to nurture a healthy family gathering space in your home!


After the bedroom, the living room is the second most critical space to furnish, so you must find a North Charleston furniture store that stocks pieces that 'speak to your soul'. The right seating can soothe your senses, help you disassociate from stress, and be a great communal space when family & friends are around. 

But before you dismiss this blog post for the expense of a living room revamp, Atlantic Bedding & Furniture would advise you to reconsider. We offer very convenient financing to turn your dream space into a furnished haven for peace of mind and belongingness. 

Revamp Your Living Room | North Charleston Furniture Store

Before you end up overwhelming yourself with the task of revamping the living room, consider this: the sofa is king, everything else comes later, and you don't need to furnish the space in one go if you need long-term cohesion. Now, let’s begin!

Start With the Star of The Space – Group Seating!

The right group seating set will uplift the space and adapt to a range of lighting themes & family get-togethers. Family cheer is an ambiance best achieved with timeless sofa styles, ample space, and the right size & placement. If you’re looking for a North Charleston furniture store that caters to a range of natural & homely sofa styles, you're at the right place!

The Loveseat | North Charleston Furniture Store

Don't be fooled by this petite piece of seating haven, for it has diverse applications for limited spaces, such as in apartments or single-unit homes. Loveseats are compact compared to traditional sofas, making them ideal for couples or friends to snuggle in together and enjoy a movie night. 

And that's not all; loveseats are a perfect addition to any part of the house because they fit in perfectly without looking too intrusive. You can even add one to your home office or gaming den if space is limited & you're looking for a solution at a North Charleston furniture store!

The Sectional Sofa

While sectionals seem like a more considerable investment compared to a traditional sofa, they are worth adding to a family living room. The best thing about sectionals is that they are modular designs. You can arrange them in the typical L- or a U-configuration or even place them as a separate group seating set. They offer a lot of seating capacity for dinners, after-parties, get-togethers, or family game nights. 

If you have a big lounge room, a sectional is one to keep at the top of your living room furniture-buying list!

The Sleeper Sofa | North Charleston Furniture Store

Do you have a small lounge, limited bedroom space, no guest room, and many relative visitations? We bet those sleeping bags & folding mattresses might be another giant brick in your storage space. And then the maintenance & cleaning & all that ruckus with pests in storage. 

Well, in comes the sleeper sofa, also called a sofa-cum-bed, to save the day - or nights!

The sleeper sofa is the prize piece in compact spaces since it can function as a sofa and be unfolded into a delightful bed for guests, friends & relatives. No more fussing over airing sleeping bags or mattresses for the next sleepover!

The Traditional Sofa

If you have ample living room space, then go traditional. These sofas are just what they are, a perfect seating solution to add to your TV lounge, maybe to a spacious bedroom, but moreover, to be the centerpiece of the living room.  

The traditional style is eternal in elevating the look & feel of any room it's placed in - they are durable - if that is the feature that piques your interest. The frame on these timeless beauties is built to last years of wear & tear. Suppose you are settling down for good and need a set that is as warm as it is sturdy for the next generation of your family. In that case, check out the traditional sofas at our North Charleston furniture store!

The Sofa Chaise

If you want to add accented seating to your traditional sofa, need seating in your home office, or need a couch for yourself to unwind at the end of a long day - the sofa chaise is it!

It offers versatility & great value in terms of convenience. You can stretch out on the chaise or use it as a regular sofa without dealing with the fuss of unfolding & prepping a sleeper or straining your neck when lying on a traditional couch. They also take up less space than traditional or sectional sofas. You can arrange the cushioning to take a much-needed nap or chill with friends.

The Living Room Group Set

Best one for last - the group set is the complete solution to your living room furniture needs. Sold as a matching sofa & a loveseat, the set offers cohesion & a polished look to the space. You can complement it with further accents like a coffee table or ottomans. It is optimal for large homes, larger lounges, & even bigger circles of family & friends.

The best part is that we offer them as leathered recliners so that you can achieve the perfect familial rustic charm in just about any home!

What Else Can You Add to Your Living Room?

Bring In a Media Console

What's the point of getting a bespoke sofa if you’re going to keep the old media console? We have consoles to go along with our quality group seating solutions. With the affordable financing we offer, you can certainly do with a sleek & solid wooden media console to complete the cohesiveness of your living room!

Seating for Singles

Oh, not that we're insulating anyone's relationship status, but single seating can be quite soothing when you need a space to yourself in a full living room. Our corner sofas are the perfect addition to your favorite window or reading corner to add some pizzazz! 

Or you can just get one for your bedroom instead of that old rackety chair sans the armrests!

You Can't Skip Tables | North Charleston Furniture Store

Coffee table, end table, or chair tables - we got’em all in the perfect blend of natural, earthy, & wooden tones. Stack up your magazines, place your wine glass mid-conversation, or present a brimful cornucopia of snacks for your family & friends. That's what completes the look of a family living room!

Don't Forget an Ottoman

Folks usually confine ottomans to accented furniture or just something to act as the footrest. Still, if you're looking for more - we have storage ottomans!

They go wonderfully with loveseats & chaises, so you should at least have one to complement the experiential appeal of lounging in one. And, of course, we do have matching sets for all your group seating needs!

Do You Need Help Planning Your Living Room's Upgrade?

With the room planner, you can star as the floor coordinator of your very own living room upgrade. Our website provides accurate dimensions for all products in our inventory so you can aptly plan a cohesive layout with the furniture you have in mind.

Atlantic Bedding & Furniture, the best North Charleston furniture store for miles around, cuts no corners in sourcing only the finest, functional, durable & luxurious items that will ever grace your home. Feel free to explore our inventory & get in touch with us for more details on product sourcing, financing, & availability!

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