Bedroom Dressers Vs. Chests - Which One To Pick? | Furniture Store In Charleston, SC

Bedroom Dressers Vs. Chests - Which One To Pick? | Furniture Store In Charleston, SC

The right bedroom furniture can be the difference between a clean space and a cluttered one. However, picking the right one for your needs can be challenging if you are new to bedroom storage. Atlantic Bedding & Furniture, a reputed furniture store in Charleston, SC, will get you started on your dresser & chest essentials!

The Bedroom Furniture Debate: Dresser Vs. A Chest 

Bedroom Dresser

A dresser is a set of drawers for storing clothing and other personal items. It is typically designed with the drawers arranged in rows.

The drawers are usually shallower and wider, making them suitable for storing larger items like clothing. Some also come with a mirror attached to the top or as a separate piece. Best not to confuse them with vanities!

A Bedroom Chest | Furniture Store In Charleston, SC

Chests are usually taller and narrower than dressers, making them suitable for smaller spaces. Their drawers are deeper and narrower than a dresser's, making them ideal for storing smaller items like socks, undergarments, and accessories.

They come in various styles and materials; some are more ornate than others, with decorative carvings or embellishments.

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Deciding What You Need - Chest or Drawers?

Whether to buy drawers or a chest from our furniture store in Charleston, SC, depends on several factors, such as storage needs, available space, and personal preferences. Here are some things to consider:

1. Storage Needs: If you have larger items like clothing or bedding that require more space, a dresser may be a better option as it typically has larger, wider drawers.

Suppose you have many smaller items like socks, underwear, and accessories. In that case, there may be better options than a dresser, as the drawers are typically deeper and may make organizing and finding smaller items challenging.

2. Available Space: If you have limited space, a chest may be a better option as it has a smaller footprint and can fit in tighter spaces. However, if you have more floor space, a larger chest or a combination of a bedroom chest and a dresser may provide more storage capacity. 

3. Style & Aesthetics: Both chests and dressers come in various styles and finishes, so choose the one that complements your room's decor & style.

4. Budget: The cost of a bedroom dresser or a chest can vary depending on the material, size, and style. Consider your budget when choosing which option to buy.

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